November 16th, 2004



My cold is a lot better this morning - still have a slightly dripping nose, but not nearly as bad

HL2 is unlocking as we speak - my hard drive is spinning like crazy.

Oh, the excitement.
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    amazingly incredibly excited. Oooh!!!!!


There was a discussion on Slashdot about where the following was said:

Person 1:
Who's hyping anything? HL2 is better than sex.

(And yes, I've had sex. In meatspace. With a female. A human female. But my PC was also in the room, and I was able to get some coding done after she fell asleep, so I don't have to turn in my geek card just yet.)

Person 2:
If you think that a FPS is better than sex you are not fucking correctly.

Person 3 (responding to person 2):
Sex is boring, the only reason I give into my body's incessant desires to fuck (women, yes just women) is because if I don't my body makes me feel depressed/inadequate.

Sex is mostly only good for girls as far as I can tell. The whole-skin sensitivity thing is a bit good by the look of it, as well as having more erogenous zones, and they get all the foreplay too.

I prefer programming and computer games quite often actually, although ocassionaly sex is really good and I do confess, that is hard to beat. But usually that kind of sex requires a lot of booze, and anyway, like everything else in this world stuff gets boring eventually, and sex is basically just in and out with some grunting.

Which brings the whole 'better than sex' thing to mind.  I like sex - it's fun.  But I've never really understood the whole 'sex is better than everything' idea.  Every so often the urge for sex is fairly overwhelming, but it's not this mind-numbingly amazing thing that overrides everything else.

Anyone care to explain it to me?

Sex is the best thing ever