November 15th, 2004


Moving further towards Video On Demand

How to make sure you never miss a show - using BitTorrent and RSS here.

The RSS feed tells your client when the torrent is available,m it's then automatically available.  So you stick in west-wing* and any West Wing episodes miraculously appear on your Hard Drive.

It's Tivo++

I just hope they're hosting it somewhere offshore.


I have a cold.

I've had it for about a week - 3 days of sore throat, 4 days of running nose.

So far I haven't had the shakes and the unholy combination of phenlyephedrine and paracetomol that is Lemsip Max has kept me going at work.

I was in for 6 hours on Saturday. 

I was in for 2 hours on Sunday.

I will be in this upcoming Saturday and almost certainly the Sunday as well.

I hope this cold goes away.

This has been your Andrew Update.

Blergh, snuffle, snuffle, ick.

I don't work here

I'd just like to make it clear that while, yes, I'm working extra hours at the moment, and yes, the project could have been managed better, the place I currently work is actually better managed than pretty much anywhere else I've worked.

Most exceptionally, I don't have to work here.  If any of you were considering a career in computer games, read that and then run screaming.

The sadness continues

Half Life 2 launches at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

I'm _very_ tempted to get up and play it then.

Which is 8am, I think.

Although the HL countdown timer says 9 hours from now.  Which would be 7am.

But that's not official.  So it's probably 7am.

What to do?