November 13th, 2004



Just back from Finding Neverland, in which Johnny Depp pulls off a very impressive Scottish Accent, special effects are put to good use for a change, and I cry at a movie for the first time in about 3 years.

For goodness sake go and see it. Just do so at a late showing when there aren't any kids about - it's _not_ a kids movie - at least not for any pre-teens - and having the 6-year-olds giggling boredly in the front row didn't add anything to the experience. Fortunately they fucked off about half-way through and we got to watch all the best bits without them.


We'd seen the advert for the new Sony Ericsson phone at the cinema several times and I finally got around to tracking down the music - which turned out to be Death in Vegas (Hands around my throat)

For those who get frequently annoyed by not knowing what the music on adverts is - I recommend


Just finished watching Bridget Jones (was on TV) and have one question - why would anyone _want_ to go out with her? She has no interests, isn't terribly smart, doesn't show any drive or ambition and generally there doesn't seem to be very much _to_ her. Her only direction in life seems to be "get a man", which isn't much of an incentive really.

Is there something I'm missing?