November 10th, 2004



For various work reasons I've been working late for the last two weeks (average leaving time 6:30-7:00) and have also been in on Saturdays.  This will go on for the next few weeks and is the reason that I haven't really posted anything of note.

My brain will resume functioning at some point - in the mean time I'm off to shoot people in the face.

In related news - HL2 out next Tuesday!  Wahey!

Electronic Music

If you like electronic music _at all_ then you need to go here to Ishkur's Electronic Music Guide.

I've been back here on numerous occasions, just wandering the different routes around the 'map' and finding new things to interest myself.  My favourite genre is definitely "Industrial Rock" (filed in the second category, halfway across the screen, top third), but I can easily slip into Psytekk, Goan Trance or the odder ends of Techno.

Go, listen to the samples, see what you like - report back.
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    Vanden Plas - Beyond Daylight