October 20th, 2004



Fantastic piece here on Kirk's record as a war hero, and how me might be rubbished by the press if he were running for president...  Very funny.

I imagine this is how Doctorow felt

Later at the writer's conference, I introduced myself to someone who was responsible for organizing it, and she looked at me keenly and said, "Ah, yes, you're the one who's going to bring in our males 18-32." And sure enough, when we got to the venue, there were the males 18-32, looking quite out of place compared to the baseline lit-festival crowd. They stood at long lines at the microphones and asked me one question after another while ignoring the Dante writers sitting at the table with me. Some of the males 18-32 were so out of place that they seemed to have warped in from the Land of Faerie, and had the organizers wondering whether they should summon the police. But in the end they were more or less reasonable people who just wanted to talk about books and were as mystified by the literary people as the literary people were by them.

so says Neal Stephenson in his Slashdot interview, which is well worth reading.

Reminds me of how Lilian felt when Cory was speaking at her law center...  Black-clad geeks ahoy!