October 14th, 2004


And it was morning

Hit snooze on the alarm clock twice this morning before even getting to the stage where I could read for five minutes before getting up.

This is a good thing - it indcates that I was actually in deep sleep, not just the shallow, plastic sleep I feel I've been drifting in and out of for the last few weeks.

Too much motion and distance oviously isn't good for me.  I realised last night that up until recently my modus operandi has been to spend 5-6 nights a week at home, pottering around with various projects, watching TV, playing games - generally insulated from the world.  This has been reversed recently - I've spent 1-2 days a week in the flat, the rest out gaming, at Lilian's, at pub quizzes, at meals, etc.  I'm naturally rather introverted and I've been noticing that an increasing amount of the time I've just been looking forward to the next day that I can collapse onto my own sofa and feel en-wombed.

So, slight reorganisation of time is necessary, to avoid stress at things which, after all, are fun.  Tonight I have off at home (first time since... last Thursday), then tomorrow Lilian is over here, and there will be much staring at whatever is on TV.

Somewhere there is balance. I must find it.