October 11th, 2004



Culture, which we put on like an overcoat, is the collectivized consensus about what sort of neurotic behaviors are acceptable.

Cheers to autodidactic for the Mckenna quote.

Stolen from Warren Ellis

Monday, I wanted you back. Tuesday, I decided you couldn't have me back. Wednesday, I realised it didn't matter to you. Thursday, I tried to make it not matter to me. Friday, I figured it was time to leave.

It's got nothing to do with hurting. Pain means nothing to anyone but children, because children don't yet know that pain goes away. After a while, you work that out, and you just wait for it to go cold. After a while, it stops raining, and there's nothing left but cold reflective streets with no-one on them. They dry like blood, and there's nothing left but walking on scabs. And you just go, because there's nothing left to do.

Out on the street, out to the edge of where you used to live. Lights of the town at your back and fading fast. Fade away. Getting colder. Time to go.

The second sentence of the second paragraph clicked with me.Children can't put up with things, because they think that whateve the problem is, they're stuck with it.  Adults know that this too shall pass.  We know that this moment may well be a shit one, but it can be survived and the next moment may make it all worthwhile.