September 25th, 2004



In the vague interest of letting people knowing what I've been up to:

Last night I went to see Ae Fond Kiss with green_amber, yonmei and pisica.  It was pretty good - I realised thalfway through that I hadn't seen a film in which real people did real things for a long time.  The plot was basically East is East, but with less laughs.  Or possibly Fiddler on the Roof in modern-day Glasgow.  Well made, good acting, etc.  Worth a watch if you like that kind of thing.  7.5/10

Then back to pisica's for a cup of tea (or glass or water in my case), then on to Dean Village (with a slight diversion when green_amber realised she'd lost her scarf at the cinema) for a housewarming.  Where I met 0olong, aitkendrum, diotina, lilitufire, rpgactionfigure, time_for_tea and many other entertaining people.  Nice flat too, if a tad bijou.

Today I'm  home again, where I plan to get some more C# done.  Hurrah!

Aaah, the bad old days

I fancied taking a look at the NASA World Wind  project - which produces images of the earth from all angles.  Looks extremely pretty, but is about 250MB.

So I started downloading it.  And got about 35k/s.  Which was going to take _ages_.  Oh, and dropped the connection 25 minutes in.  Why they haven't got a bittorrent set up I really don't know.

So I reverted back to my pre-broadband methods - grabbed a copy of GetRight and am now downloading from 6 mirrors of the file, for a total of 150kB/s.  Much more like it.

Hmm.  Now dropped back down in speed, as half of the mirrors seem to be borked.

Sigh.  BitTorrent people!  How hard can it be???
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The Eternal War

In a perfect world

toilet seats would be left down
toilet seats would be left up
nobody would give a damn whether toilet seats were left up or down

Happiness is mandatory

You will all be ecstatic to hear that the new Update page now scales the text-entry box to be a percentage of the page width, which means it fits the browser window rather than requiring scrolling.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you've missed _all_ the fun.