September 19th, 2004


Mixed Feelings

So, the Civil Service is thinking of banning BNP members from working for it. (For non UKians that's the British National Party - who basically want to get rid of non-whites).

On the one hand I intensely dislike the BNP. On the other hand, I really, really don't like the idea of banning members of _any_ political party from holding a job. Sure, if the job is intimately bound up with the person's beliefs then I can see it, but unless the job is "liason with local Pakistani representatives" then I don't see why the political affiliations of the employee is any business of the employer.

Which isn't to say that if the employee was caught doing _anything_ racist that I wouldn't want them suspended/sacked over it - but most people are capable of keeping their beliefs and their work fairly separate. And in most cases there's never any conflict at all.

Hmmmph. Just feels wrong to me.

Anyone got MSDN?

Microsoft makes the entire contents of the MSDN library available on the website for free.

But if you want it on DVD it costs £155.

Which I'm bloody well not paying for something I can read for free, albeit more awkwardly.

Anyone got one they can lend me?