September 8th, 2004


Random Idea #582

Imagine a crowd of protesters

Imagine them armed with video-camera phones.

Imagine all of their phones are connected via 3rd generation mobile networks to a central point.

Imagine the central point using GPS, motion sensors and ambient geographical recognition to tell exactly where each phone is and where it's pointing.

Imagine putting together the scene from 3000 directions at once, giving you perfect coverage of the entire situation, moment by moment, replayable at any speed you like.

Imagine Bullet-Time Smart-Mobs.
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Possibly the coolest thing ever

Police find a cinema in the catacombs under Paris.  Complete with bar and power sources.  They take some of the films, coming back three days later to find the systems gone and a note:
"Do not try to find us."

Which certainly gives me a thrill.
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Roll Playing

Watching developers talking about the recently announced D&D Online.  They seem to be of the opinion that because the bit of the character that computers can keep track of and aid with is the number-crunching/dice-rolling aspects that this represents the most important bit of roleplaying and what the game should revolve around.

This is why MMORPGs have pretty much no interest for me whatsoever.

Well, except maybe for A Tale in the Desert.  And I really don't have that much time spare.  Shame.
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Living Transparently

If there was a service which would keep track of your whereabouts so people could know where you were

I would never use it at all
I would use it occasionally when I wanted to be found
I would use it except when I didn't want to be found
I'd leave it on pretty much all the time

I'd allow access to

Nobody! Weren't you paying attention?
Just a few very close friends
Anyone I knew
Anyone at all