August 31st, 2004



I do not currently have any details.  I am living on assumptions.

When I have some, they will be released in a careful tactful manner.

That is all.

Bad Day

In amongst the other ongoing stuff, my grandmother has got worse.  A bout of food poisoning has fucked up her insulin.  She's now being given regular injections, but is waking up for only a few minutes at a time.

She's ninety.  She seems to be fed up with living.  I'm not sure I wouldn't feel the same way if I was in her position.

I hope she can at least feel at peace.

More brain stuff

While player A was contemplating his revenge, a positron emission tomography (PET) scan determined what parts of his brain were active. The scans showed increased activity in the striatum, a region associated with the processing of rewards, but only when A knew he could hurt B financially. The implication was that real punishment feels good. To explore the significance of this emotion, the researchers sometimes charged A for his revenge. They found that the level of striatum activity positively correlated with how much money a participant was willing to pay for the opportunity to retaliate. The anticipation of pleasure apparently affected a player's eagerness to punish.

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