August 22nd, 2004


Just unlikely

Yesterday we got up too late to have breakfast ebfore dashing out to meet people for lunch. So today Lilian's making me my belated birthday breakfast.

She cracked the first egg and it was a double yolk. Which is apparently lucky. Hurrah!

So she cracked the second egg. Which was also a double yolk! Doubly Lucky! Doubly Hurrah! (or possibly Lucky squared).

And then she did the third one. Two yolks!

Which means these eggs are probably from chickens kept nice and warm snuggled beneath a nuclear power plant.

But they're free range, so that's ok!

Cool Presents

So far:
Hugh, Meredith, Rob and Clare clubbed together to get me expansions for Settlers of Catan.  Of course, they did this two weeks ago so we could all play the expansions together in Stirlingn
Lilian got me a cool t-shirt (pic to follow), Zatoichi on DVD and a bar of chocolate.
Bekka got me two cool books about werewolves in Rome.
Mike got me Prince of Persia for the Gamecube.

Still to come:
Erin and Ed are still being decidedly secretive...
The parents are giving me my present when I visit them in September.  Blackmail if you ask me...