August 17th, 2004


You're on the global frequency

Warren Ellis reports from the set of Global Frequency (TV series being made of his comic)

In the script, Rogers has combined the Russian sleeper agent with the
rotting implant in his head with the guy from my PLANETARY/THE BATMAN:
NIGHT ON EARTH book who's causing his immediate environment to shift in and
out of the laws of physics. He takes me down a narrow alleyway. "The
camera approaches down here and so should you, for the full effect," he
says. There's a guy slumped at the end of the alley, his arm sticking out.
I step over the guy at the end, mumbling something. "Now turn around,"
says Rogers. It's a dummy. Of a guy. Who has the left side of his body
missing. Sheared away. Cut in half. And you can see the complete
cross-section of his internal organs, bone, muscle, everything. It is
uniquely disgusting and very beautiful.

The Russian agent's apartment is a brilliant piece of set dressing --
CRONOS via SEVEN. There's a scene of spooky telekinesis right out of
QUATERMASS AND THE PIT. Jenni's face comes into the monitor, all big eyes
and Ooooh face, making me laugh out loud.

Nelson clambers over the flatbed and says, I'm dedicating this shot to you,
Warren. The camera swoops down on a San Francisco Chinatown street, past a
fire eater belching out great balls of flame, through a parade of Chinese
performers, passers-by and rollerbladers with sparklers, and up on a burst
of fireworks. It's got the scale, Nelson grins.