August 15th, 2004


Strange dream

Long involved dream last night that was pretty much an episode of the Justice League of America, focussing largely on Batman. The plot revolved around him losing his powers.

Yes, yes, I know.

Coffee and Cigarettes

I have a ticket for Coffee & Cigarettes onThursday at 7pm at the UGC, part of the film festival. Supposed to be very good, but I'm sadly seeing Massive Attack then.

Anyone want it for £4?

Ow my head

I thought that having a centralised address book for my email would be handy.  So I looked into what Thunderbird supported, which was LDAP.  I then spent a few hours trying to work out how on earth LDAP worked.

And now I've given up, with a headache.

Can anyone point me towards a way of doing centralised addresses in a mail program?  Or how to set up LDAP in 5 easy steps?