August 13th, 2004


Wetness at 4am

So I was woken up out of rather nice dreams by a cat standing on my chest and purring.

Not an entirely uncommon occurrence, but I needed to go to the toilet, so I rolled Denver off of me and staggered towards the door, scanning for my dressing gown.

At which point I became aware of someome hammering in the garden.

Now, we have obnoxious downstairs neighbours, but even they don't tend to hammer in the garden at 3:30am.  So I walked to the window to find out what was going on.

The window was wet.

The windowsill was wet.

Water was dripping rythmically from the top of the window.  A fair amount of it.

So I felt for the source, and couldn't find it.

So I woke up Ed, who felt around for two minutes, turned around and said, "There's water dripping on your bed."

And there was.

So I turned off the light, as the water was now dribbling down this and on to my bed.

And we both got properly dressed and climbed up the stairs and banged on our neighbours door.

No answer.

So we came back downstairs and now the dribble was more of a stream.

So I phoned the police (and I was good and looked up their main number rather than simply dialling 999).

And they passed me on to the council.

And the council promised to call me back.

And, a mere 5 minutes later, they did.

And apparently if the people are council tenants they can just open the door, otherwise we're going to need to get a warrant, which will take a bit longer.

And the head of their "emergency water ingress team" is on his way here right now.

And I can't think of anything useful to do until he gets here.

Except empty the litter tray, which I meant to do before going to bed.

Which I've now done.

Oh, and write this up for Livejournal.

Which I've now pretty much done.

I don't think I'm going to work tomorrow.


andrewducker1972: Which reminds me - where is LJ HQ?
andrewducker1972: Which state?
Synecdochic: the servers are in Seattle, WA, and the office is in Portland, OR
andrewducker1972: I'm such a geek.  I just got shivers from "Portland, Oregon"
Synecdochic: *laugh*
andrewducker1972: (Because that's where Transformers was set)
Synecdochic: dork :-)


All's well that ends well.

Especially when they get a warrant, get a locksmith, break open the door, stop the flooding in the upstairs kitchen and all returns to normality.

Well, except that I'm going to sleep on the futon, my bed being somewhat moist.

Night all!

The Dead Meme

What do you think happens after you die? The universe continues in much the same way it was already going.  Some people will be upset.  I will be dead.

Do you believe in heaven? Nope.

Do you believe in hell? Nope.

Do you think you will be judged after you die? By whom? Well, I'm sure some people will have some pretty strong feelings about some things I've done.

How many people would attend your funeral? I'd guess between 15 and 20.

Would you rather that people cry or laugh at your funeral? Both.  Well, cry at it, laugh afterwards.

What's better? A shot in the head or downing pills? Shot.  Provided it's instant.

What should be written on your tombstone? "Just Some Guy"

Do you want to die in the morning, afternoon, or night? Night - I think there's something rather comforting about just going to sleep and not waking up.

If you had a million dollars to leave, who would you leave it to? A spread of people who need the cash.  Oh, and some to charity.

What kind of flowers do you want at your funeral? Don't really care.  I'll be dead.

On your deathbed, which moment will you most remember? I have no idea.  Probably a moment that's not even happened yet.

Have you ever watched someone die? Not the moment of death.  But I saw my grandmother near death and it was horrible.  I remember hoping she'd die so she wouldn't be in pain anymore.

What's the most gruesome death you can imagine? Drowning in spiders

How often do you think about death? Every few months something brings it up in serious way.  But mostly I only think about it in the context of fiction or news.

Is fear of dying your number one fear? Spiders.  Aieeeee!

Do you believe in reincarnation? No.

Have you ever wished someone you loved were dead? Yes - see aboce.

Do you consider life short or long? Both

Do you think you have a soul? I don't understand the question

Assisted suicide for a terminally ill person is: something that should be available if they choose it.

If you were cremated, where would you like your ashes? Don't care.  I'll be dead.

Would you choose to be immortal, if you could be? Yes.  Well, immortal with an option for death if I so chose.