August 10th, 2004


If this was 1972

Lilypie Baby Days

My birthday on the 21st. Going to the beach. So far we have Me, Lilian, Adam, Bekka, Hugh, Meredith, Hal, Phil (+ 2 kids). Anyone else free on Saturday the 21st?


Arriving today was:
Lucifer 52: definitely my favourite ongoing comic at the moment
Sebastian O TPB - Grant Morrison does a steampunk Oscar Wilde
Global Frequency TPB 1 - Warren Ellis does cool uber-spy thriller with all his favourite artists
Maxx TPB 3 - more kooky goodness and strange bunnies
Cerebus - The Last Day - now I have all 300 issues in one place.  I just need a month to read them all.

Today is a good day to read comics

Otis Lee Crenshaw

Thanks to Lilian's urgings (and tickets) I went to see Otis Lee Crenshaw.

He was so good, The Guardian excerpted part of the show I saw here.

Very, very funny.  You Edinburgh people should go see.