August 8th, 2004


Tivo DVDs for Dummies

Finally got there - discovered that the problem I was having was that the files were in a non-standard resolution my DVD player didn't like.  Got a program to resize them (took 10 hours to run it), then a DVD authoring program to make a DVD out of the resulting MPG files.

And I now have Samurai jack episodes 33-37 on DVD!  Hurrah for the (eventual) wonders of technology.

I've now set the Tivo's recording resolution to DVD standard, so it should be easier next time. 

I feel great!


Further to the post yesterday about hedonism - I get a physical thrill out of solving things - an actual high.  Sorting out something like the Tivo today feels better to me than pretty much anything else - like a cross between floating and having electricity running through my veins.