August 7th, 2004



Apologies for the mistake in the poll post this morning - obviously people of both sexes can be abused and it wasn't my intention to say so.  It was my feeling that more women than men are (although I'm surea chunk of that is down to men not talking about it as much).

Thanks for all the comments people left, I'll try to get some actual content up tomorrow...

Words Words Words

A word means

Whatever I mean when I say it
Whatever the listener hears when they hear it
Whatever the original  usage was when the word was created
Whatever the dictionary says it means
Whatever the average person would understand by it
some combination of all of the above

Gorgeous day

Bright blue sky, slight haziness in the distance.  It's lovely out there.

I think I'll stay in and play Doom 3.

(well, I might wander out to the park later, but I need my fix first)


An hour and a half of swearing at the Tivo later, I have the downloading working.

Stupid bloody FTP program had transferred the files across in ASCII rather than Binary.  Despite me telling it not to last time I used it.

A plague on software that doesn't remember its settings!

All will be Still (a moral decision)

After debating back and forth with myself on the subject of "I hate ads" versus "Ads keep some of my favourite sites afloat" I've come to a compromise with myself:

If it moves, kill it.

If the advert is text, I'm absolutely fine with it.

if the advert is a still image then I can live with it (and don't even notice it most of the time).

If it's sitting there flashing in the corner, distracting me from what I'm actually trying to look at - it can go to hell.


Some of the people who know me might be surprised to hear me describe myself as a hedonist.

But I am.

I believe life has no meaning and that the only reasonable thing to do is have as much fun as possible before you die.  Which isn't to say that I want to get out there and snort cocaine off of hookers.  There are two reasons for this:

1) I don't actually think that sounds like a lot of fun
2) I know that the long term consequences means that my fun quotient would be significantly diminished in the future.

The things I think of as fun aren't the same as most people - most people wouldn't want to spend the afternoon researching different encodings of video formats and the effect it has when trying to play burnt DVDs in different video recorders.  Or downloading different transcoding software to find one that will get it working.  But the sense of satisfaction I get from it is pretty much as high as from anything I do - to me it's good fun.

I'm a _geeky_ hedonist - doing geeky fun things to pass my geeky fun life.