August 6th, 2004


Evening of fun and technical frolics

Evening started with Otis Lee Crenshaw at the fringe.  if you want to hear country and western songs about mollusc serial sex murderers then I'm afraid you're out luck, as your audience is unlikely to contain one.  If you just want to hear remarkably funny songs on love, longing, loss and using small children as bullet-shields, I highly recommend it.

Then came home, plugged in new router, set it's IP address, set it's MAC address, plugged it into the network and was shocked to discover that everything just worked.  If only all my technical experiences were so easy.  So far I can give a tentative recommendation to the D-Link DI-604.

Now to bed,  Snoring to follow.


Apparently if you're a Microsoft Game Dev Team then part of your duties are providing final feedback/signoff on other Dev Team's products.

See Mike's post for this cool fact


There's a meme spreading called No Pity. No Shame. No Silence. whereby women who have been abused in some way tell the world, so that it becomes clear how widespread a problem it is.

I've lost track of how many people who have posted it, and while i've had a variant on this poll before, I think it's time to wheel it out again:

I am female and

I have been sexually abused
I have not been sexually abused

I am male and

I have been sexually abused
I have not been sexually abused

By sexual abuse I mean any situation where there was a sexually unpleasant situation which was against your wishes.  Anything from rape to someone exposing themselves.

If you did your own post and want to link to it, that'd be good too.