August 3rd, 2004


Blessed Relief

I've had a headache for about 24 hours.  I slept badly, vaguely nauseous and feverish.  I woke badly, stumbled around work getting things done slowly.  And then at 4pm it suddenly rained and the pressure in my head subsided from 5-ton to 5-kilo and I felt alive again.

Still slightly out of it, but much, much better.

Andy's Evening of Fun

1) Install Doom 3
2) Chat to Lilian online
3) Defrost Freezer
4) Install new graphics drivers
5) Start Doom 3
6) Wander about saying "ooh, that's pretty"
7) Wander about tensely wondering when the bad things are going to happen
8) Observe bad things happening
9) Shoot zombies
10) Stop playing because heart rate has hit 120 bpm
11) Post to LJ about being a complete wuss