July 29th, 2004


Because people will buy anything

Audiophiles are renowned for buying things that provide no actual benefit, but being convinced that they can hear it anyway.

Some of the expensive cables do provide some small benefit for sound transmission, but when you get to the stage of buying better cables for _digitial_ transmission something is seriously wrong.

When you find yourself spending £1749.00 on a power cable, you have taken far, far too many drugs.

Technical Advice please

My computer is in the living room.

The TV is in the living room.

I can happily read away without problems, but typing causes enough noise to piss off the people watching TV.

Can anyone recommend a quiet keyboard?
calvin dancing

More technical advice wanted

So i got a new computer.  And it comes with 5.1 surround sound.  So i got 5.1 surround speakers.  And they take 3 inputs (Front, Rear, Bass/Center).  The motherboard's built in sound has three sockets - one for each of those inputs.  Except that if you want to use one of the sockets as a microphone then you lose the bass/center speaker.  Which is not great.

Now, I _have_ a decent set of headphone _and_ a headphone/mic set.  So I don't want to buy even more headphones.  But it wouldn't kill me to buy a microphone that plugged into the USB port.  But I want a headset based one - not a desktop mic.

Alternatively, I could stick another card into the PC which would allow me to plug in a microphone.  But I don't see anything like that.

Any suggestions?