July 11th, 2004



Just looking at this history of Sky (PDF). For USians, Sky is the UK satellite television broadcaster.

Launched 1989 - 4 channels.

May 1994 - Ten years ago - MTV first appears.

Nobody is going to tell me that the world hasn't immeasurably changed since then.

In 1995 Microsoft launched Windows 95. The biggest software launch ever, and the first to make an impact on the mass populace.

It had no web browser. In fact, it had links to MSN, Microsoft's own bulletin board system, designed to be in competition with Compuserve and AOL. Yup, that's right, Microsoft didn't consider the internet to be important.

Less than ten years ago.

Anyone here want to think about how easy the internet makes their lives on a daily basis?

Anyone want to go back to not using email? Not buying things over the web? Not having this huge information resource at the tips of their fingers.

Less than ten years.

Where will you be in 2014?

Because I have _no_ idea.

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Due to the magic of Napster Streaming audio, today's wallpapering has been conducted to the sounds of Pulp, Therapy?, Blur, Faith No More, Belle and Sebastian, Suzanne Vega and The Orb.

Nostalgia goes well with wallpaper paste.