June 21st, 2004


Dawn Failure

Made it to Anna's club.  Never made it up Arthur's Seat, as we stood at the bottom and examined the clouds from horizon to horizon.  It wasn't raining, just too cloudy to even have any idea when dawn was.

So I've come home to get some sleep instead.


Praise Be!

Last night i went to use my Palm T2 and discovered it had reset itself.

Not "reset to the login screen" but "reset to no data on there and just the original applications".

This was a semi-tragedy, but not the end of the world - i had backups of all the dates and to-do's from it, as well as the documents on it.  The only problem was going to be reinstalling 10 different apps and setting them up the way i liked them again.

So io grabbed the latest version of Datebk5 and Life Balance and set them to install.  Lo and behold, up came the words "reinstalling databases from backups" and 5 minutes later all of my apps were back on there - I couldn't even tell they'd been off.

When computers work, they rock!