June 15th, 2004


Strange things Andy does, #644

You may have heard of affirmations. The idea is that if you say something enough times it attunes you to it, leading you to be more aware of things that could help you with your goal. Essentially, you choose a goal, formulate a phrase that encapsulates it and then repeat that phrase several times on multiple occasions during the day (i.e. 10 times in the morning, 10 times in the evening). For you Invisibles readers, this is similar to the way that Grant Morrison works with sigils - creating a focus point for the mind.

I always have a problem remembering my password at work, especially as I have to change it every 30 days. So I decided that the best thing to do was make them into affirmations. They haven't always worked, but they have proved useful as reminders. My password over the last few months has varied from "SleepMore" (when I really needed to) to "NewTeam" (when I wanted to transfer to a new team) to "DontSackMe" when the redundacies were first being announced. The first and third of those came out just fine, the second didn't, but it did push me to try and do something about it. And the sleeping more was definitely because I was reminding myself 15 times a day that I needed to.

Go on, give it a go next time you need to change your password. You might just be surprised...


Mozilla Firefox 0.9 just got released.

So I downloaded it.

And went to install Tabbed Browser Preferences.

And they don't work with the latest version yet.

The most commonly used extension and it doesn't work with the latest release.  What the hell were they thinking?

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Completely forgot to mention due to general tiredness, but Lilian has managed to get me/her cheap flights/hotel to/in Venice!

I've never been there, but I'm rather looking forward to seeing it.

(Probably won't be as nice as the mock Venice in Las Vegas)