June 13th, 2004


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Managed to make it to Bob yesterday and spent an hour or so chatting about his up-coming wedding until I went off to meet Lilian in The Pear Tree (a pub).  Went from there to her place and then off for a meal, where there was much discussion of both the history of law since Roman times and relationships.  'Twas a shame to miss Adam's thing, but I couldn't reasonable rearrange at that late point.

Today was nicely quiet - down to Leith to hang out in the nice bits near the Scottish Executive buildings and then home (via chinese supermarket) where a 45-page QA session with Warren Ellis and 1325 pages of C# book awaited me.

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missedith01 tracked down the numbers for second-votes for the London election.

I've added the first choice results to them, giving the results for total votes cast, to see what compromise candidates people would be most happy to put up with.

Results are:                                                
PartyFirst ChoiceSecond ChoiceTotal
Liberal Democrats284645465704750349
UK Independence115665193157308822

Which indicates that it really is a three-party race at the moment.

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New LJ-Friend eduard_green has a piece up about depression that I thought was interesting.  Here's a quote, but you should read the whole thing:

This analogy relates well to certain kinds of mental illnesses, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, where the simplified concept of how the illness started as something simple that made you feel good- like keeping the house tidy or losing a little weight- makes sense. But it is harder to explain why anyone would take these things to the extreme where it was crippling their whole life and making them miserable.

Self-destructive behaviour only looks destructive; for the individual, although it may be damaging them physically and mentally, there is something there they are getting a kick out of. Otherwise, there would be no reason to do it. They might not know what they are getting out of it, their behaviour might baffle them. They might desperately want to stop but still find themselves returning again and again to the tried and tested system of feeling ok. Without something to replace it, and an understanding of why it was there, it’s near impossible to recover from neurotic behaviour.
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