May 25th, 2004


Midsummer Madness Parts 1 and 2

1) Lilian and I wish to invite you to a picnic on the 19th of June on the Meadows.  If you like lying about in the sun talking about nonsense then this is what you want.

2) I will be doing my tradition midsummer's dawn on top of a big hill.  This will be the 21st of June this year, which will put most of you off, that being a work day.  Sunrise is at 3:22am and I intend to climb Arthur's Seat with at least 10 minutes to spare :->

(no subject)

I just had a haircut.

Or to be honest, on Friday I had an hour and a half of two hairdressers assaulting my hair and today one of them finished up, chopped out the last few recalcitrant bits that were untanglable, trimmed the rest of it and then put in layers.

You do _not_ want to know what this cost me, but as soon as I can find the webcam I'll let you see what I now look like.