May 21st, 2004


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At home.


Have had sore throat/sniffles for about a week, which last night reached the stage where my sleeping was completely disrupted.


Hope to feel fine for tomorrow.

For the fans

Knowing that a fair number of you are in 'fandom', I thought you might be interested in this snippet from a recent Pratchett interview:

Pratchett said that he enjoys meeting fans of the venerable series. "I went to my first SF convention in 1963, and here I am, still going and enjoying them, 40 years later," he said. "SF fandom seems to have an aging core group, but Discworld fandom seems to be all ages. Discworld is nearly 21 years old, and people who were young when they started reading it can be grandparents now. So you get families of Discworld fans in the queues at signings. That is very nice. I've got maybe a million readers in the U.K., but probably fewer than 5,000 are the 'buy-the-T-shirt, go-to-the-convention, hunt-first-editions' sort. Lots of people out there read and enjoy lots of SF, lots of fantasy, and never think of themselves as fans in the participatory sense. At the first U.K. Discworld convention, in 1996, there were almost a thousand people, and fewer than 10 percent had ever been to a science fiction or fantasy convention of any sort before. Not many of them knew about fandom at all. It's quite strange to think of a purely Discworld fandom."

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There's a new Thomas Covenant series coming out.

This will horrify many people.

I'm going to have to go back and re-read the first two trilogies again.

Oh, my life is so hard.

I may also get around to attempting the Gap series too.