May 17th, 2004


(no subject)

Phew.  Just back from Ikea, where Erin was buying stuff she needed for the new flat and Ed/me were buying replacements for things of Erin's she was taking with.

3 hours of staggerign round Ikea, I'm just about ready to die.


Around midday today I got a call from Erin saying her email was all missing.  i told her to lodge a support ticket.

Then I discovered that Joe had the same problem.

Then i discovered Nick had the same problem.

So _I_ lodged a support ticket.

And then I discovered that all email was bouncing because we were way over our hosting limit, because someone decided to upload 60MB of photos and videos to the server.

So I'm now downloading all of that onto my machine so I can delete it off the server and get it all working again.

_Then_ someone is going to get a kicking.


Computer acting up.

Internet acting up.

Hosting service possibly acting up.

Girlfriend not responding on messenger.

Giving up.

Going to bed.