May 16th, 2004



green_amber woke up at 6am on Saturday morning, which led to me being also awake at 6am, failing to get back to sleep and deciding that since I had to work overtime I might as well just get up and get it over with. I therefore arrived at the office at 7:30am, at which point I discovered that the building isn't actually open on a Saturday until 8.

I sat in St Andrew's Square and read my book (The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay) for a while before workmate Gareth wandered past and suggested giving it another go. And that's how my 7 working-hour Saturday started. Still, I got plenty done, it'll help get things back on track, and by coincidence (while solving a different problem) I discovered how to make custom menus appear and disappear in VBA, which will come in handy.

After work I wandered round the shops with green_amber (who had, of course, gone back to sleep as soon as I left), and bought some vaguely smart clothes, before heading home to get ready for the two parties. By unfortunate coincidence, Lilian's friend Adele had her birthday on the same day as Adam's housewarming - so we leapt into a taxi at 8, dashed round to catch the last of the Eurivision Cong Contest at Adele's lovely flat (huge!). The songs/singers were, as usual, abysmal, so we alternated with watching "The 100 Greatest Movie Stars" on Channel 4. We then leapt off at 10:30 to Adam's, where pass the parcel was played, drinks were drunk, somewhat amazing goodie bags were handed out and a jolly good time was had.

Everyone then headed off to Ascension, so we headed home and collapsed into bed, where I was snoring about 3 minutes later.

Today will hopefully contain a lot less stuff.

(no subject)

My friends aren't as sexy as the people on TV. Their script isn't as good as the script on TV, and they frequently seem to have motives that are weak and/or incomprehensible.

My plot doesn't work out as well as the ones on TV. It just doesn't seem to be as thematically coherent, provide as much closure, or learning experiences.

My genre doesn't just keep switching, it seems to be inextricably muddled. My direction is haphazard and the production values are frankly shocking, although sometimes the use of location shoots pays off.

Is it any wonder that people prefer to watch TV than to live their lives? Our expectations are set by our experiences and TV/film/media make up a very large chunk of those experiences. Not only that, but unlike real life, TV is designed for maximum emotional impact.

Maybe if I drank more I wouldn't notice how much my life isn't like TV...

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To my right Erin and Clare are watching something that keeps mentioning the phrase "Extreme Makeover".

Which brings to mind two people screaming as they throw themselves out of a fifteenth story window, one frantically applying mascara to the other so that they can open the single parachute they share.

TV, as usual, is not living up to my expectations.

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Spent today with Lilian on the beach at Cramond, which is lovely.  I recommend that all you Edinburgh people go there next time the weather's nice.  We wandered halfway along the causeway to the island, but the sea wasn't going out quite fast enough for us to make it all the way before we had to head home.

Evening was spent at guyinahat and rainstorm's flat, playing cards.  Lovely people, don't get to see them enough.

Now off to bed, completely knackered...