May 10th, 2004


Lovely Quote from The Friday Thing

Funnily enough, another recent study into love, this one carried out at University College London, came up with equally dismal findings. They discovered that when we are in love, neural circuits in the brain which are normally associated with critical assessment of other people are naturally suppressed. In other words, love fucks with our critical faculty. This is why so many people find themselves, after the lie of love has been forgotten, trapped in horrible, utterly unsuitable relationships with people they actually can't stand, shacked up and shackled to someone with whom they have absolutely nothing in common, least of all
testosterone levels.

ID Cards (another one from The Friday Thing)

"Got an excellent use for ID cards. If everyone had a card with all their details
on it, you could sit around in the pub with your mates and play Citizen Top Trumps. Think about it, your fat mate would always win the weight category, noone would mess with your smart mate when it comes to IQ points, and then there's the obligatory 'crap photo' category. It would be hilarious. In fact, we could have a massive National Top Trump competition, with the whole country taking part. Regional winners would take each other on and become county winners, ultimately resulting in an overall winner of Top Trump UK. This would be much more entertaining - and indeed accurate - than the BBC's relentless 'Britain's Best' programmes.... What do you reckon?" - Mark Dowson (via email)

Watch This!

"I am not an Animal"

A comedy about talking animals 'liberated' from a vivisection centre.

Written by one of the guys behind Brass Eye and with voices from Steve Coogan and Simon Pegg.

BBC2 - 10pm - tonight.

(I've set the Tivo)

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