May 1st, 2004


Hello Everybody!

Down in Newbury, at an SF convention, where I have just spent an hour chatting with the much nominated Charlie Stross about his writing. I now have a copy of his (almost) finished novel Accelerando on my PDA. No, you can't have a copy, it's all mine.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Cory "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" Doctorow to talk about Intellectual Property. As he's effectively the UK wing of both the EFF and The Creative Commons this should be fascinating. Oh, and there's piratical goodness in the evening. If anyone's wondering about the overall program they can find details here. It's all good. Well, except for Sunday at 2pm, which is scary beyond all reason.

Work is... interesting at the moment, what with the various upheavals, but that's another posting, probably a friends-only one. In the mean-time I'm happy to be down here, although Beltane in Edinburgh would also have been unfeasibly cool.

And now to bed - I can't use this Wi-Fi connection all night...

Feeling Hyper!

Just finished an hour long panel with Cory Doctorow (and Spike), chaired by Lilian and attended by 30-40 SF fans.

I entered the panel fairly sure that copyright was dead and that nothing could be done about it.

I left the panel completely sure that copyright is dead and nothing should be done about it.

The future is blanket licensing agreements and some kind of taxation or the return of creativity to amateur/sponsored status. At this point, either one seems like a better alternative to the current system.


Now, off for dinner!