April 27th, 2004


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By following the very simple instructions here I no longer see lj-cuts.  All posts are automatically un-cut on my main friends page.

I suspect this will cause problems, but I'm going to wait and see...

You are now all officially jealous

Just back from seeing The Divine Comedy, who were great, especially with the violinists, trombonist, trumpeter, guitarist or two and miscellanious other backing musicians from The Millenium Ensemble.

What was completely unexpected was that when he played The Book Lovers, a song that usually has various in-jokes about writers in it, he announced that they had now taken to having local famous people come on stage and read from their favourite novels. This being Scotland, said local famous person was Billy Boyd.

Who then proceeded to read from the first book he ever read.

The Hobbit.

Ed now has pictures of Billy Boyd standing next to Neil Hannon, 10 feet from us. As soon as he gets home and transfers pictures to the PC I shall post them.