April 18th, 2004


(no subject)

Up until 1am chatting with friends of Lilian's.

I spent half an hour trying to find a decent slideshow program to show off the photos she took in Mexico/California/Las Vegas/Chicago, but in the end Powerpoint seemed to be the best option.

There was much snackage, I tasted some Frambois (raspberry liqueur) which was quite nice, and the conversation ranged from some people's complete lack of social ability to the morals of pornography via Charlie Kaufman.

I went to bed at 1am, leaving the remaining two-some to continue chatting for a bit. Not a bad night at all.


What I frequently wished was that there were MMORPGs that were only active a few hours a day/week.  So if I wanted to play with the same people all the time, I could join the 8-10pm server.  That way I'd log on at the same tim each day, see pretty much the same people and not have to worry about what went on when i wasn't about.  At 10pm the gameworld would freeze and the 10pm-12pm server would take over, and those people would get to enter _their_ gameworld.

That way I'd have a world populated by recognisable players, not just those people who happened to log in at the same time as me, I wouldn't have to worry about being left horribly behind by 'grinders' and it'd feel a lot more like when I get together with my friends on a
Wednesday evening for table-top gaming.