April 17th, 2004



I just read that when a random set of computers was scanned, they were found to have an average of 28 adware programs installed.

If you're finding that your computer is popping up adverts it shouldn't and taking you to strange places, for goodness sake go here download Spybot and use it to remove all those hideous programs off of your PC.

And then switch to Firefox and install the extentions which protect you from horrible Flash animations.

Then your life will be about 500 times happier.

You Linux/Mac users may now feel smug.

The Friday Thing

Just reading this weeks Friday Thing. Couldn't resist posting the top two articles.


This week George Bush was lost for words when tossed an awkward
question about why he failed to act on warnings about Al Quaeda
attacks. So if you find yourself being grilled by the world's
media about international terrorism and ill-conceived invasions
of other countries, what should you say? TFT suggests:

1) Uh (long pause) Gee (long pause) Shucks (long pause). My
discombobulationalism over this serious egress of um. It's easy
with hind quarters to uh. But was I right in my informationality
deficit to harrumph? The answer can only be 'yesification'.

2) Have I failed to act on received intelligence and placed the
entire world at risk from a wave of suicidal terrorism? Gosh, is
that the time? I've got to take Love Actually back to Blockbuster
or they'll charge me for two nights. Bye.

3) If I read every CIA memorandum that came across my desk I'd
have to learn to read.

4) But if they hadn't blown up the Twin Towers, how the hell
could we have found a flimsy pretext for our crazy plans to
invade the Middle East? Er, can you forget I just said that?

5) I blame Bill Clinton. In fact, he was probably flying one of
the planes.



'In an interview with Sky Television, for which she is understood
to have received £150,000, Ms Loos said she had no reason to lie
about the alleged affair.'

- The Guardian


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Techiness from Hell

Well, I just added 256MB of memory to Lilian's machine, speeding it up considerably.
And plugged in the webcam, giving Lilian much joy at being able to see/hear people far away.
Now I just have to transfer the files off her old PC onto the newish one and my duties will be done for the day.
Oh, and collate all of her holiday pictures in one place so she can subject visitors to them.


The recent announcement on Israel/Palestine has me absolutely infuriated.

_Not_ because the plan has Israel holding onto bits of what they should really be handing back (which bits end up being populated by which people isn't really a huge concern to me and I'm fairly fluid about the concept of nation states at the best of times).

What really, _really_ annoys me is the way that it was announced. Bush stood up there with Sharon and told everyone what they'd agreed. The US is supposed to be brokering a deal between two sides and yet it presents a deal hammered out with one side without any actual reference to the other one.

Israel/Palestine may cover a tiny amount of area but it's become a major matter for the entire Arab world. Much of the anger aimed at the US stems entirely from the way it acts over Israel. By standing up there and saying "Fuck you, we're only actually interested in one side here." they've just pushed many, many more people towards anti-Israel and anti-US and anti-Western groups.

Can someone not give the current US administration a _tiny_ clue that if they treat people like shit those people will get upset?