April 13th, 2004



Lilian's coming round this evening.  She should be here about 7:00.  Or an hour and a half ago.

She went to pick up her car from where it's been sitting for the last three months.  Apparently cars don't like being left sitting about for three months because her one is refusing to start.

Dinner's cooked, sheets are washed, clothes are tidied up.  The flat's a mess, but just in your average way, not my usual apocalyptic way.

And suddenly I have nothing to do but wait.

Expect randomness.


Lilian's car isn't starting, even with jump leads.  So she's not coming over.

So I'll eat nice food by myself and watch some TV.  That should keep me going...

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Social skills:

I have good social skills
I have mediocre social skills
I don't have any social skills
i don't have any real ones, but I've learnt to fake it quite well

How to Write

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