April 3rd, 2004


Elf Only Inn

Following a link from Penny Arcade I found Elf Only Inn. It's a simple web comic about a chat room run by a guy who just wants to roleplay being an elf. It's a simple ambition and one that would probably entertain him greatly if it wasn't for the people who want to play huge demons, vulcans, Goku and Darth Vader. It's very basic, but frequently incredibly funny and insightful.

If you've ever spent any time roleplaying, in chat rooms or both you owe yourself to take a look.

Try here amd then start from the beginning.

And yes, I should be in bed, but I feel oddly happy, so I'm staying up to enjoy it.

Passion of Christ - instant response

Ext: A courtyard in ancient Jerusalem.  Jesus Christ lies manacled to a stump.  Over him stand two roman legionnaires holding scourging implements.  Off to one side stands Pontius Pilate, roman governor of Jerusalem.

Jesus: Do you expect me to talk, Pilate?
Pilate: No, Mr Christ, I expect you to die.

Actual review later, when I get back from clubbing.
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