March 31st, 2004




I hate insomnia.

Fell asleep at 11:30.  Woke up at 2:30.

Tried 15 positions to get back to sleep in.

Going back to try another 15 now.

Gah (2)

Finally managed to pass out at 5:30.

Woke up again at 6:30.

It's now 7:30 and there's no point whatsoever going back to sleep, I may as well go in early for work.

Not a great start to the day.  One can only hope that it gets better...

Aah, the wonderful Friday Thing

But really, who was to know that blasting the leader of Hamas out
of his wheelchair (and killing seven assorted bodyguards and
bystanders) would have stirred up so much trouble? What's with
those Palestinians? Are they pre-menstrual or something?
Really, why can't the Palestinians just shut up for once and
accept the Israeli occupation? Moan moan moan. They're like Dot
bloody Cotton sometimes. Probably the Israelis hoped that Hamas
would replace that nasty mumbling Yassin with someone a bit more
happy and smiley. But no, they've only gone and elected an
articulate hardliner who vows vengeance What a pisser.

Mr Rantissi, the new leader, is being terribly unreasonable. "We
will not surrender, we will never surrender to Israeli terror."
Oh dear, that's unfortunate. "My dear people, you who were
displaced by the Jews from your cities and villages, you will
return to your villages and cities through fighting, because we
don't have any other strategic option. Resistance is continuing."

Ah. Perhaps when they blow up Mr Rantissi, it will make
everything better again. Yes. Maybe that will happen.

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Garden State

When I went to see Eternal Wossname of the Spotless Thingummy I saw the trailer for Garden State.

I recommend you watch this trailer now and then petition your local cinema to get it in.  It looks magical.

Possibly the finest quiz in the history of mankind

Francesca Johnson!

Ah, yes; ten years ago, The Bridges of Madison County was the biggest-selling book of the year. Clint Eastwood even made a movie of it. Alas, you have chosen to be an Italian war bride brought back to Iowa in 1945 by a soldier, who eventually falls in love with a rugged, nature-loving photographer but chooses to stay at home because she loves her family.

I have no idea why you would choose to be this. Perhaps you should seek therapy.

(Special blazingly obvious, just-pick-a-picture-and-put-in-your-goddamn-blog edition)

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Yes! (punches air)

440 items later I'm up to date with my people filter on my friends list.

Be time, methinks.

I should be tired (8.5 hours sleep in 3 days).  But I'm not.

Thrice bedamned jetlag.

Actual content will be coming.

No, I don't know when.