March 24th, 2004


Update #8

Lilian was supposed to arrive back from her flight at 12:00. Around 12:30 I started to get a little worried. At 13:00 I got worried enough to log on and search for a phone number for her tour company. I finally gave in to worry at 13:30 and called them to find out where she was. They told me she'd landed at 12:00 and they had no idea where she was now. The airport being 15 minutes from the hotel, this was if anything _more_ worrying than before.

Thankfully, as I put the phone down she appeared in the hotel lobby, explaining that her driver had dropped off everyone else first and this had taken them on a tour of pretty much the entire of Las Vegas. Relieved to see her, I dropped the bags off with the hotel staff and we headed for the pool. I lay in the sun and read for the next couple of hours while she had a dip. The weather was hazy for the first time since we'd arrived, and there was a fair bit of wind. Still, with the temperature in the high 80s I didn't have a lot to complain about...

We made it onto the plane at 4:30 with the minimum of ticket-losing, traffic jams, seat swaps and arguments with passers-by (just one of each) and arrived back in San Francisco in a reasonable state. Misdirected by an airport employee who was apparently only simulating helpfulness, we wandered across half of SFO before climbing onto the monorail (monorail, Monorail!) and transitioning first to the BART and then to a different line on the BART. The taxi driver when we got off in Berkely was the very definition of useless, but managed to get us within 100 feet of our destination and shortchange me with only the minimum of fuss.

So we staggered into the home of catamorphism and David, dragged stuff together and headed out in search of food. At which point we realised that Lilian was having an allergic reaction to something in the house. Because life's like that :->

So we arranged for her to stay with her erstwhile host elsewhere in Berkely (who doesn't want me staying there, english men being just too darn scary) for the night. I collapsed into sleep, serenaded by the sound of bunnies playfully rattling their cage bars.

This morning Lilian called me to say that she'd decided the easiest thing to do was to book a B&B for her - she'd need one anyway as of next week, so extending it backwards by 4 days meant that she could get allergy-free sleep and it'd all work out ok. We're going on a road-trip tomorrow anyway, so I'm probably sleeping over at spikeiowa's place then. I'm still waiting for confirmation of exactly what's happening, but seeing as I have a DSL connection (albeit from a Macintosh) to play with while I wait, I can't really complain too much, can I?