March 22nd, 2004


Update #7

Sheesh, it just took me 30 minutes to read my friends page - and that's with the filter set to 'people'...

Hotels been to in last couple of days:
Mandalay Beach - didn't go to see the sharks, due to length of queue. Had nice food in NY Deli type place. Nothing special. However, was next to:
Luxor - huge black pyramid-shaped hotel, full of Egyptian kibble. Was pretty cool, but not as exciting as I'd hoped. Still, had arcade where I got to see someone being exceptionally good at DDR-Extreme _and_ had original pac-man and Frogger. The design was cool, but lacked something. Went on inclined travelator to next hotel:
Excalibur - tacky recreation of non-existent England. People wandering about in tabards with swords. Could have had dinner at Little John's. I was rather taken wth the depth of the tack, but Lilian suffered an allergic reaction to it and hustled me out pronto. Aah well.
Venetian - gorgeous art _everywhere_, ceilings covered in renaissance murals larger than the eye could easily take in. Gondola ride on the second floor (didn't take it, but wandered the length of it, taking in the shops). Entertainers sung in the large square and danced for us (also on second floor). Shops were hideously expensive Italian couture type places, very pretty but beyond my reach by three orders of magnitude. I checked the price-tage on diamond ring and thought it said $7,259. It actually read $72,590, which wasn't any better.
Back to Ceasar's Palace last night, to eat at Spago's. Entertaining waiter who knew what he was doing. Fantastic food. Great company from people who's LJ names I ought to know (Jerry, Tom and Spike). Most expensive meal I've ever paid for, and I didn't even go in on the wine...

And today Lilian is huddled in bed, insisting that her illness is non-alcohol related, while I sort out a washing load and check LJ. A day by the pool to follow, hopefully with Trek later...

Tomorrow, Lilian heads Canyon-wards, I relax and then we head back to San Francisco. I'm nearly very tired of Las Vegas. Not quite there yet though.