March 19th, 2004



Off to Vegas today! Leaving in half an hour. Oh, the excitement.

Interesting fact of the day - the germans had a computer during WW2. They just didn't know what to do with it...

You can check in anytime... (update #5)

Lilian's upstairs getting ready to go out, I'm updating LJ. Is anyone shocked?

Up at 8:30, left the house at 9:00, Donya giving us a lift trainwards. We made it to the airport ok, went through the usual hell of check-in, flew across (gorgeous snow-sprinkled mountains) an arrived just fine. Transport to the hotel was a nightmare, as we're Downtown, not on The Strip itsef, so our bus dropped off everone else first...

And Lilian's just arrived, so I'll fill you in on our fun and games at the booking in later. Off for food now!

Back for more (Update #5.5)

Anyway, Lilian tried to book us in, but they couldn't find us on their systems, a mystery solved when e discovered that Lilian had booked us in for a week _before_ the convention.

Luckily he has an amazing pathetic look, with the result that despite the fact that the hotel has been booked out for months, she got us a room. So we dumped bags and headed for the pool, which is on the roof of the 5th floor. Our room are on the 15th floor. Yes, we get quite a view. We're in the Downtown area of Las Vegas - much cheaper, but about 10 minutes by taxi from The Strip. Believe me, the room prices make the taxi fares worthwhile...

Anyway, we headed Stripwise for dinner, deciding to take a look at the Bellagio before getting food. The Bellagio is _amazing_. They have a restaurant full of Picassos - sadly the $100 cost was a bit out of our range, so we grabbed some snackfood and drinks (dried beef, pate, wild boar ham, etc) on a balcony where live music was occasionally interrupted by the huge geysers in the lake we were overlooking. The huge geysers being in time to the music that played, wavering back nd forth and moving to the melody. Incredibly beautiful stuff.

We wandered the halls for a while, alternating between feelings of awe and communist revolution before deciding to head next door to Caesar's Palace. Where The Bellagio is the model of up-to-date splendour, Caesar's has ben deliberately held in the age of Astair and The Rat Pack, effortlesly cool and comfortable, with various different live musicians entertaining diners with the classics.

We casually wandered from there into the underground shopping area os Caesar's, where the sky-paintd ceilings changed colour to denote the passing of time, and under the vaults of heaven were some ncredible sculptures of everything you can think of in Roman mythology (well, except for the bits that'd put people off of their meals).

After that we headed for home, feet sore from 4 hours of wandering, and collapsed bedwards. We're fairly sure we've seen the two nicest hotels on the strip, but Luxor's definitely on the must-see list.

Now it's time for breakfast (10am) and then off to see if Lilian is awake enough to go laze by the pool. If you're not envious you bloody well should be.