March 16th, 2004


Meanwhile in California (Update #2)

We started boarding about 3 minutes after my previous update, about 15 minutes after we were supposed to take off. I got a window seat, which was endlessly enjoyable for the view, but not as comfortable or handy as an aisle seat, which is what I'll be going for on the way back.

We were 11 hours in the air, heading North over Glasgow, then Northwest over to Iceland, West over Greenland and Alaska before turning Southwest over Canada and South into the US, past Seatlle and Portland before landing in San Francisco. The terminator was well behind us most of the way (anyone tell me how fast it travels at out latitude?), only starting to catch up during the final approach. It was still light when Lilian met me at the airport, getting darker when we caught the BART and then actually dark by the time we changed to the Caltrain at Palo Alto.

We ambled slowly along California Avenue, my arms aching from the suitcase and my brain slowly melting out of my ears from the lack of sleep. And then collapsed into the house of Alan and Donya (who apparently knows kimberly_a, showered off the journey-sweat, ate some of her home-made Pizza and then sank into sleep. The house is _gorgeous_, huge and airy and apparently redesigned by Alan/Donya after a previous fire.

Woke up with backache, possibly caused by a combination of futon and too many pillows - I must experiment tonight. Soon Lilian is having a massage and then we're going in search of swimming and relaxation.

Hope y'all are well!