March 15th, 2004


Holiday update 1

Crashd out at 1-ish, up again at 7. Erin did likewise, except that she crashe out at 3. She accompanied me to the airport as I was feeling a tad jittery. Got there no problem, had breakfast ad said goodbye before leaping onto a flight down to London.

Slept fitfully en route and staggered off at the other end to wander round in cirles before discovering I had to get to Terminal 4.

Eventually located this via escalator, bus and much footwork. More shops here than on Princes Street (including Harrods). Am glad that my baggage is safe and sound in the hands of BA(ha!) who took it in Edinbugh with promise to return in SF (ha again!).

Am at horrible internet terminal with metal keyoard. Fingers already falling off from effort. Will attempt occasional updates.

Off to collapse again, hoping to sleep most of the flight (if only).