March 5th, 2004


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Those lovely HalfLife people did a survey of everyone using their Steam content delivery system to see what stats their machines were.

Interesting results, especially the fact that AMD and Intel are tied neck and neck, nearly everyone is on XP of some kind (10% left on 2k/98 combined), most machines are 1.5GHz-2.7GHz and 512MB of RAM is the most common ammount.

Of course, these are gaming machines, connected to a broadband delivery network, so not exactly average.

Living Room

Attention all San Francisco Residents!

(Trying again, after previous posting failure)

Lilian and I are looking for a place to stay, our previous arrangement having fallen through.

If you can recommend a decent place to stay somewhere in the area we'd greatly appreciate it. We're fairly price conscious (especially considering how hideously expensive I'm sure the centre is), but if someone can offer some advice on reasonably quality, reasonably priced double rooms, that'd be _great_.