February 26th, 2004


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Having spent two days feeling far too cold and not able to think, something I blamed on lack of sleep and dietary wanderings, I've come to the conclusion that actually I had the cold.  I feel far more alive today, so hopefully will get stuff done.

I still made a major fuckup yesterday, turning off my phone for a morning meeting and then forgetting to turn it back on, leading to me missing a phone call from Adam, who was over for an interview.  I'd been going to meet up with him at some point, and that point turned out to be "lunchtime", which I remained blissfully unaware of.  I already apologised to Adam on the phone, but I'm going to loudly state for his benefit "Adam, I'm really sorry, I clearly suck donkey cock.", which will hopefully amuse him enough to have him eventually forgive me.

Also, due to dentist appointments and leaving early for cinema/gaming, I'm currently running an hour down on flexitime, so I'll be working a bit late today/tomorrow to catch up on that.  Not that I mind particularly, as my brain is now working again.

Oh, also haven't read LJ in two days, so tonight may largely consist of me going back over 200 entries.  I suspect the friends list will get a bit of a clearout, as has happened a few times recently.  It's not that I dislike anyone I've removed - I just don't have the time to read everyone.

And now to work...


It occurs to me that when Nietzche said that "God is dead." he was in fact
misheard.  He meant to state the eternal truth of the origins of the myths
of omnipotence and omniscience, inculcated into us from an early age.

He actually said "God is Dad."

Public announcement

I know some of you haven't friended trashcanglam yet for some reason, but at this moment he is the funniest person on the planet.

From his incredible ranting on the subject of The Passion of The Christ:

Now if I was a Christian making a film about my Messiah, I'd have two hours of him charging into epic battles on horseback, scoring touchdowns and shagging Scarlett Johanssen. Surely you want the central figure of your religion to be a hard as nails action hero with a golden right foot and supermodels fighting each other to gargle his holy manmilk?

And before you say it, I know that Jesus (allegedly) did get a bit of a hiding, but if that had happened to the son of your God surely after 2000 years you would have swept it under the carpet?

Rest is here.  Go read!


Caught up on friends list.  Haven't got the energy to join in 4 or 5 decent threads that I found.  Am now going to collapse and stare into space until it's time to go to bed.  I hate tiredness, I really do.