February 22nd, 2004


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Dear Dr Phil.  I sometimes find myself having conversations like this at 2am on a Sunday Morning.  Is there something wrong with me?
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Conversation in my living room

Edward: Some guy turned up at The Forest the other day naked and poured a bucket of water over his head.
Me: Was it art?
Ed: That's what I said.
Me: And?
Ed: Ian said "Was it art?" and Magda said "He was Polish".

Which leaves me unconvinced that there's a satisfactory explanation for _anything_.
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I dunno, you post a conversation you had, and 5 people comment. You post silliness and sometimes get 30 responses. You post something you care about, ask for responses and beg people to pass it on if they know anyone else that might be interested, and you get one response. Which, of course, might be because it's Saturday/Sunday. But I'm now wondering if people actually read it, so here's a poll. You can now feel aggrieved at the badgering...

The article here

I read it
I understood it
I agreed with it
I disagreed, but didn't reply

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At the Forest Cafe this evening, at something Ed's been organising where people read out bits of their favourite novels.  I read from Swamp Thing and the Schroedinger's Cat Trilogy the first time round, this time I was roped into doing Hitchhiker's with Ed and Erin (Ed's idea).  I did Arthur, trying to pull of bemused exasperation as best I could.  Seemed to go down quite well, although Ed felt it was a failed idea.

Afterwards chatted to James, who mentioned cangetmad had been chatting to him earlier.  Edinburgh is sometimes a scarily small place.  Especially for the capital of a country.

Then home via guyinahat's, who chatted to me and Erin for an hour or so (interrupted briefly by a phone call to greenamber, sitting in Mexico airport somewhat tiredly) and then we walked home.

Where I have been chatting to middle bro drainboy (whose post about dancing in a gay bar need to be read) and playing Massive Assault, which was rather good fun, especialy for a turn based strategy game.

Now thinking of getting a remarkably early night, if I can evict Erin from the bedroom, where she's chatting to someone about something.  Oh, and if I can bear to get this cat off my lap.