February 19th, 2004


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In the vague interest of saying something today rather than my day consisting entirely of programming....

I've lost interest in window managers of all kinds.  I used to spend ages looking for programs to allow me to change my start menu, my backgrounds, my window shapes, give me extra desktops and generally reconfigure the way my computer works to hell and back.

And you know what?  99% of the time I'm working full-screen on a single app.  I do switch back and forth, but generally it's between full-screen apps, each of which takes my full attention for the half second it occupies the entire monitor.

It's not like I can actually focus on more than one thing at once after all.  And most of the time I want Windows to exist so that it can load a program I actually want to work with, not so that I can play with it for it's own sake.

There's a rant here somewhere about the fact that if you provide a solution to a problem some segment of the population will spend far more time playing with the solution and turning it into a hobby than they will actually dealing with the problem the solution was meant to solve.  Cars spring to mind, as do Hi-Fi systems.  Also, the written language.  And computers, of course.
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