February 12th, 2004



Got home late last night, and I'm at the cinema for 6:15, so I'm not coming home first.

This means I get to try out the new flex-time arrangements, sleep in until 8:30 and be at work for 10:00.

This means I work until 5:30, although I'll probably work until 5:45 and get an extra 15 minutes of flex.

I love flexitime...

Dead Atkins

Following the delightfully biased reporting over the death of Dr Atkins, I was wondering how much he weighed a few months before he died.

The answer can be seen in these photos which seem to indicate that he certainly wasn't obese.


Last year Cory Doctorow gave away his book Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom.  You could also buy it in the shops, and the license was "read it, pass it on, can't change it."

Today, a week after giving away his second book in the same way, he changed the license on the first one - you can now change it, so long as you allow others to make derivative versions of your derivative version.

As he says:
as of today, you have my blessing to create derivative works from my first book. You can make movies, audiobooks, translations, fan-fiction, slash fiction (God help us), furry slash fiction, poetry, translations, t-shirts, you name it, with two provisos: that one, you have to allow everyone else to rip, mix and burn your creations in the same way you're hacking mine; and on the other hand, you've got to do it noncommercially.

Oh for more writers to be so bold.