February 10th, 2004



Going to see three (arty) films at The Filmhouse:
Floating Weeds (Japanese relationship movie from the 50s about a troupe of actors) - Thursday
Farewell My Concubine - about two Peking Opera actors over 50 years of their lives - Monday 16th
Emperor and the Assassin - Shakespearian tragedy about the formation of the Chinese empire - Tuesday 24th

Have myself, Ed and Erin so far.

Anyone care to join us?

(no subject)

Toothache for two days now.  It is, of course, just because I'm copying broin

I was hoping that my 14 hours of sleep on Saturday, slow sorting out of my diet (vastly improved over the last few days) and general sorting of mylife would get going this week.  Instead I take painkillers every three hours and find myself unable to concentrate.

I have got quite a lot done at work at least.  I took control of the Excel spreadsheet that controls our data structures and rewrote some of the kludgier bits.  It's still not perfect, but it's probably about as good as we need for the moment.  In other positive news I might get to do some data extraction into an actual database (or at least Access, which is a darn sight more fun to play with than DB2).

I've also found myself a dentist that takes NHS patients and made an appointment, so at least price won't be a reason to avoid going (and pain's pretty much stopped being an issue the last few times I've gone).

Early night tonight I think.  See if I can get myself to the stage where I wake up naturally in the mornings.  I have no idea why that seems like such an incredibly unlikely thing, but it does right now.  Sounds, in fact, like a challenge...