February 2nd, 2004


Sporting Chance

Supporting others

I support a team and go to see them play regularly
I support a team and go to see them play occasionally
I support a team and watch them on tv regularly
I support a team and watch them on tv occasionally
I don't support any team at all, but I will watch sport on special occasions (world cup/olympics)
I've been known to put out my eyes rather than watch sports

Doing it for myself

I play sports regularly
I play sports occasionally
I get in some non-sporting exercise on a regular basis
I go for the occasional walk
I lift the remote control/move the mouse about
I am paralysed from the neck down

(no subject)

Questions from yonmei. If you want to be quizzed yourself, leave a note.

1. If you could become one of the Endless, who would you choose to be?

Destruction, because he has left. Or if I have to be active in my job then Dream, who has the powers that most entertain me.

2. A standard Quizilla tactic is to ask you what your favourite colour is. What do you choose?

Black, or failing that something inoffensive. In fact, largely not black in _those_ kinds of quizzes, because I know it leads to being labelled a goth/depressed.

3. How do you feel livejournal has changed your life? Or has it?

Well, I met green_amber that way. And I'm getting to meet more people in Berkely. And I've got to write down all sorts of cool stuff.

4. Look around you.


What was the first thing you noticed?

A large Ficus plant next to the sofa (where I sit, with my Wi-Fi connection).

5. What are you looking forward to most, about going to Mexico?

I'm not sure, largely because I have no plans to visit Mexico. When I visit Vegas I'm looking forward to seeing how ridiculous it is. In Berkely I'm looking forward to meeting cool people.