February 1st, 2004


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I've had a piece going round in my head for a while on why stock markets don't work (sometimes) - the reason being that people act upon how they believe people will behave in the future, those people including themselves, but without any actual understanding of the issues involved.

The same, of course, applies to voting.  Hence this very amusing op-ed on what happens when you try to elect people based on how electable they are.

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A week or so ago Nick sent me a nice out of context quote:

Wars 'useful', says US army chief

to which my response was:

"Wars useful for making huge profits and getting rid of both thick people
and for'n types"

"Wars useful for giving liberals something to complain about"

"Wars useful for lots of cool camera footage"

"Wars useful for producing films for Tom Hanks to star in 50 years later"

"Wars useful for making the tea"

Wars useful


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Almost forgot - the reviews I posted up here last year also went onto the company bulletin board.  And once a year there's a poll for best film, worst film, etc.  One of the etcs being "Best Reviewer"

Which I won.

Which just goes to show, I guess.


I just added all the actual people on friends list back on to my 'people' filter.

From this point on, whenever I find that I don't have enough time to read someone and I consistently fail to, I'll be defriending them.

Not because I have something against them, just because I only have so much time and it feels horribly dishonest to have it look like I'm reading someone when I'm not.

I only have the very occasional friends-only post anyway, so it's not like you're missing more than the occasional ramble about work.

Things Andy gets in trouble for #7456

Imagine that you're out somewhere and something painfully unfortunate happens.  A mixup/ confusion that leaves people feeling upset and angry.

Now imagine that I find this all intensely amusing and start giggling.

Not, before you get the wrong idea, because I _like_ my friends being upset and angry; because if the exact situation had occurred in a sitcom it _would be_ incredibly funny.

I've been primed by tv to find farce, misunderstanding, confusion and loss amusing (in the right circumstances).  Whether it's Shakespeare, Frasier or Friends there's few things more amusing than things falling apart.

Not that I find it funny all the time, of course.  But when an element of the ridiculous enters the fray (and let's face it, that happens a lot) things are just too amusing.

Anyone disagreeing just has to think of my current living arrangements...
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And today I do suck

Spent the morning with Lilian.  Came back.  Spent some time with Joe/Erin, who are now off out.  I should be at Guys, but the thought of wandering out in the dark is just more than I can bring myself to go through with at the moment.

An evening of computer games beckons, methinks...